Tab 2: Feed Details

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In the second tab you may find following settings:


  • Feed - Read-only value.
  • Type - Read-only value.
  • File - Read-only value.
  • Encoding - Encoding of the generated file; in most cases use default value UTF-8.
  • Decimal delimiter - Delimiter of decimal numbers; in most cases use default value "dot".
  • Price format - Format of the price, you choose from 5 predefined formats.
  • Currency - Choose from allowed currencies. New option since connector version
  • Customer group - Customer group whose product price should be exported. New option since connector version
  • Datetime format - Format of the date and time used in the feed.
  • Category path delimiter - Delimiter of category names in category path.
  • Category lowest level - The lowest level of exported category. Applied only if multiple categories are exported per product.

Additional settings for CSV/TXT files:

  • Text enclosure - Character is utilised to enclose particular attribute value within it's column.
  • Column delimiter - Delimiter, which separates particular columns within exported file.
  • New line character - Character used for separation of particular rows in exported file.

Feed-specific Attributes

  • In stock Value - Exported value if given product is considered as In Stock.
  • Out of Stock Value - Exported fixed value if given product is considered as Out of Stock.
  • Attribute to export if Out of stock - Choose the attribute to be exported as Availability when product is considered as Out of Stock.
  • Attribute for products sorting - You may need to sort the products in the final XML file. If this is your case, then select here the attribute for products sorting. By default, the products are solrted according to Product ID.
  • Products sort order - Choose ASC for ascending order and DESC for descending order.

Futher, you may see here attributes specific only for given feed, such as company name, company ID, contact details etc.

In connector version 6.6 two new options were introduced:

  • Export additional images - Allows you to export all images from Media Gallery associated with given product. Note that number of images exported may be limited by feed/channels specification. 
  • Export all categories - Allows you to export all associated categories for given product. Note that this feature may be limited by feed/channels specification.

Shipping Costs Settings

This settings may me is some cases rather more comples is thus discussed in separate section:

Attributes Mapping Table

Usually you don't have to make changes here. However, in some special cases this part may be very usefull. For details please see: