Feed Preview & Submission - M1

Feed Preview is automatically opened after profile execution. It might be also opened by button Feed Preview at Export Profiles Grid. See image below.

XML/CSV Feed Preview

Preview show first few products from exported feed file. Thus you can check exported feed XML/CSV/TXT file directly at your Magento backend.

You can also:

  1. Follow instructions at tab Submission Manual and submit feed to given channel. See more information below.
  2. Adjust submission via FTP to the remote server. Just click button FTP Submission. For detail please see  Ftp Submission.
  3. Download feed file and open it in some file editor, in order to see all exported products.
  4. Edit profile setting, if feed contains wrong values or some elements/columns are empty. Just click button Edit Profile #X.

Submission Manual

Submit your feed file!

Koongo Connector provides you Feed Files specific to all supported channels and marketplaces. Feed Files are XML, CSV or TXT files containing all your product data. That means once you set up given channel in Koongo interface you need to upload the generated Feed File using FTP or to instruct given channel authority to download the Feed File over HTTP protocol.

Usually, channels provide two ways how to upload product data:

  • You copy Feed URL address and paste it into a channel (usually there is feed upload/adjustment section at merchant account of the channel). This address you may find in Feed Preview. For details see info above.
  • You can upload Feed File using FTP. See FTP Submission for details.
  • API Submission is available for some Channels e.g. Beslist

Note that for Feed File submission you need to have a merchant account with given channel authority. In Feed Preview click tab Submission Manual for further instructions on how to proceed with feed submission: