Export Profile Setup

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Table of Contents

Add New Export Profile

Step 1 - Select Store view and Feed

For export profile creation navigate to Koongo Connector → Export profiles and then click on button Add New Profile in the right up corner:

Great! Now you are located in profile creation wizard that will guide you through the whole export profile creation process.

In the first step you have to set up several mandatory options, as you can see in following figure:

  • Store View - Values form here selected Store View will be exported to final XML/CSV file.
  • Feed - Select required feed or search engine. In the select are available only feedy that you have ordered and for which you have valid license key.
  • Type - After you select Feed, you can define Type. Option Type defines the nature of exported data. Usualy the option Product is only one available. In some cases you can choose CategoryStock etc.
  • File - Again, first you need to select Feed and then you can select File. Option File is in the majority of feeds available only one but in some special cases you can choose XML or CSV. This option defines the type of exported file.

Consequently, click on the Next Step button in right up corner and proceed with 2nd step of profile creation.

Step 2 - Export profile details

The second step in export profile creation process is a bit more complex and is thus divided into 4 steps represented by 4 tabs:


Save profile

At the end click on Save Profile button in the right up corner to save the export profile.

Export Profile Grid

Manage your export profiles for various channels at one place. For details see Export Profiles Grid.