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About Koongo

Koongo is a Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tool that allows you to connect your online store to various selling and advertising channels. More than 500 product search and price comparison websites, affiliate networks, and online marketplaces are supported. Koongo products allow you to reach hundreds of new selling and marketing channels worldwide from the single integration point. With Koongo, you will be able to expand your business on the international level, attract new clients, and boost your profit.

Benefits of Koongo

  • Simplicity of use - you can connect your store easily to Koongo and export your products to any of Koongo supported channel
  • More than 500 comparison websites, online marketplaces or affiliate channels supported
  • Check the performance of various channels - Koongo allows you to monitor product performance easily on the specific channel. You can figure out what channels work the best for your business.
  • Different prices for different selling channels - you can sell the same item for different prices on various selling channels
  • Advanced category mapping - you can map easily your store categories to specific channel category tree and  get higher ranking of your products
  • Various attribute and category filters -  allow you to export only required products for selected channel
  • 30-day free trial -  test Koongo for 30 days for free

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