Getting Feeds and Taxonomies

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Once you have installaled the module you need to download the Feed Layouts and Feed taxonomies from Koongo server.

Update Feeds and Taxonomies

Navigate to Koongo Connector → Export profiles and In the right up corner click Update Feeds and Taxonomies button, as shown below:

Feed layouts and Feed taxonomies will be then automaticaly downloaded from Koongo server. You are allowed to download the Feed layouts associated with your License key (i.e. chosen Feed Collection).

Don't forget

Koongo Connector downloads only the taxonomies for languages active at the moment of download action. Thus, if you have enabled a new language (i.e. added a new Store View) later, the Taxonomy for this language will be missing. In order to get the missing Taxonomy, you have to click Get Feeds and Taxonomie button again. More information on this topic you may find in Taxonomy list is empty for given Store View.

Keeping your feed list up to date

Support and Update Period

Remember that you need to have valid Support and Update period in order to be allowed to download the latest feeds and taxonomies. See License conditions for details.

From time to time the Feed layouts and Feed taxonomies have to be updated. The reason for update may be:

  • Change in Feed layout or Feed taxonomy that is requested by the Feed authority.
  • Bug in the feed layout stored in Koongo feed database.
  • Addition of new Type of File of given feed.
  • You have ordered new Collection of feeds in Koongo store, so you need to download new Feed layouts to your Magento e-shop.

In these cases you can easily update Feed layouts and Feed taxonomies just by clicking on the same buttons as described above.

If your Support and Updates period expired and you want to know which feed and taxonomies updates you get if you renew it simply click on the same button and check the resulting message, as shown on the screenshot below. This is new feature included in connector version and newer.

Further, we send you regulary a notification email with the list of all changes in Feed layouts you have purchased previously. More details you may find in Notifications.

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