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500 websites supported worldwide

  • More than 500 product search and price comparison websites supported worldwide and new ones are beeing added almost every week!

  • Automatic and easy update of Feed layouts and taxonomies

Support for large catalogs

  • Tested with 200.000 products and 3.000 categories!

Feed-specific attributes

Category taxonomies

Advanced parent products export

Price, quantity and stock availability for configurable, bundle and the grouped product is calculated from their child products during product export. Exported values are calculated in following manner.

Configurable & Grouped products

  • Price/minimal price is equal to the price of cheapest variant/child product.
  • The configurable product is in stock if at least one variant/child product is in stock.
  • Quantity is calculated as sum of variant/child product quantities.

Bundle products

  • Price/minimal price is calculated as a sum of required options price(min price).
    • Option price is equal to price of the cheapest option item.
  • Bundle product is in stock if at least one item of each required option is in stock.
  • Bundle product quantity is equal to own option with the lowest quantity.
      • Radio button/select options -> Option quantity calculated as a sum of option item quantities.
      • Checkbox/multi-select options -> Option quantity calculated as a minimum of option item quantities.

Advanced product filtering

  • Filters based on price scope, stock, availability, product type, category or any product attribute.

Shipping costs export

Custom feed layouts

Plugin directory

  • Plugins add specific functionality to Koongo Connector that may be usefull for some Koongo users. In other words, plugins allow seamless communication between Koongo Connector and 3rd party modules within the same Magento instance. See the complete list of available plugins.

General features

  • support for ALL Magento product types
  • automatic generation with cron - setup time and frequency
  • manually generation by clicking on Generate now button
  • full support for Magento multi-website/multi-store architecture


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