SSH and Shell Execution

Table of Contents

New feature

 Please note that SSH/She;; feature was introduced to Koongo Connector since its version Thus, we encourage you to upgrade your connector to the latest version available.


php -f run_profiles.php help
- shows help

php -f run_profiles.php
- executes sequentially all enabled export profiles

php -f run_profiles.php -- --profiles 2,heureka
- executes export profiles followed after "--profiles"
- for execute an export profile you may use its name or ID
- IMPORTANT: you have to follow exactly the typing above. Thus, [run_profiles.php] [space] [double dash] [space] [--profiles] [space] [profiles names or IDs separated by coma]

Check php.ini settings

Remember that PHP executed over SSH/Shell uses different php.ini then PHP executed over webserver. See Server Settings.