FTP Settings & Submission

New feature

 Please note that the feature described below was introduced to Koongo Connector since its version Thus, we encourage you to upgrade your connector to the latest version available.

Table of Contents


Some Channels require to upload feed file over FTP/SFTP protocol. FTP Submission form It might be also opened:

  1. By button FTP Submission at Feed Preview window. See image below.
  2. By button FTP Submission at Export Profiles Grid - column Actions. See image below.

FTP Settings

Firewall - Local & Remote Server

Please ensure that remote remote server IP address is allowed by your server firewall. Also, your server IP address needs to be white-listed at remote server).

Here you need to fill in FTP credentials, such as:

  • Protocol - Communication protocol. FTP or SFTP.
  • Host Name - Insert Host name or IP address of remote  FTP or SFTP server.
  • Port - Default is 21 for FTP protocol and 22 for SFTP protocol.
  • User Name - Login for user with permissions for FTP/SFTP access.
  • Password - Password for FTP/SFTP access.
  • Path - Default is "/". You can specify the path to folder on FTP/SFTP for feed file upload.
  • Passive Mode - Default No.
    • IMPORTANT: If FTP upload does not work for you without any obvious reason try to set up passive mode. More here.
  • Auto-Submit - If Enabled, feed will be submitted automatically after scheduled profile execution.
  • Host Name - Insert Host name or IP address of your FTP server.
  • Test Connection - Test filled in data instantly, without the need to save profile first. If test connection works save complete settings of Export profile by clicking on Save Profile button in right up corner. Two types of tests are performed simultaneously:
    • Access permissions test.
    • Write permissions test.
    • Both tests must pass to mark the connection as successful.

Manual and Automatic upload

For direct upload, just click Save & Submit button in the header of page.

Feed file is uploaded automatically after scheduled profile execution, if option Auto-Submit is set to Yes.

FTP Client

FTP client allows to see uploaded feed file directly at remote file system. It is also possible to find and download other remote files. For example Bol.com generates processing reports into folder /outbound/, where you can check how was your Bol offer feed processed.