Tab 3: Product Filter

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Filters under tab Product filter allow you to filter products based on product nature and its association with categories.

Common filter

  • Product types: Choose which type of products you wish to export (All, Simple, Grouped, Configurable etc.).
  • Parent - Child: Option importatnt only for Configurable and Grouped products. This filter is usefull in combination with Visibility filter in tab 4. If you display in your frontend only parent products but you prefer to have child products in XML file (or in the opposite way), Product filter and Visbility filter are the places of your interest.
  • Use Category-Product Filter: If No, all products in root category will be exported. If Yes, then you can choose individualcategories to be exported, see bellow.

Category-Product filter

Simply choose categories for export and all products associated with selected categories will be exported. You can also choose individual products to be exported.

If given products belongs to more categories, it will exported only once in the following way:

  • If the products belongs to the two categories on the same level, the product will be exported from the first category in category tree.
  • If the products belongs to a category and also to its subcategory, the product will be exported from the subcategory.

These rules are here because if any product was present in the XML/CSV file several times, the XML/CSL would be very likely rejected by Feed authorityConsider these rules especially when you export products wilth full URL path, including the category URL keys. On other words, when you use full product URL in your Magento frontend.