Plugin Management

Table of Contents

What is Plugin?

Plugins add specific functionality to Koongo Connector that may be useful for some Koongo users. In other words, plugins allow seamless communication between Koongo Connector and 3rd party modules within the same Magento instance. 

Plugin list

The list of available plugins for your Koongo Connector you may find in your Magento backend under Koongo Connector → License & Plugins:

To refresh the list of all available plugin, click the buton Update Plugin List. The plugin list is also refreshed automatically whenever you update your feed list or taxonomies.

In the table you may see the information whether you have installed the given plugin (and which version) or what is the latest plugin version available to you. Further you may see the minimal Koongo Connector version required by the given plugin.


Plugin NamePlugin Description
Magento Shipping PluginPlugin integrates Koongo Connector with default Magento shipping methods.
Embedded ERP PluginPlugin integrates Koongo Connector with Embedded ERP module from BoostMyShop.


Any plugin you may order in Koongo Store.

Installation & Upgrade

  • Download plugin tgz package from My Account in Koongo Store.
  • Unpack plugin tgz package locally.
  • Upload tgz package content using FTP/SSH to your Magento folder.
  • In backend navigate to System → Cache Management and Refresh cache.
  • That's it, plugin has been installed.