Shipping Cost

Shipping cost might be dependent on various product attributes such at price or weight. You can define shipping cost per product for certain intervals of the dependent attribute.


For example it is possible to define shipping cost = 0 euro (free shipping)  for products up to 50 euro and shipping cost = 10 euro for products over 50 euro.


  • Shipping Method Name - This value will be exported into XML/CSV file. It is necessary to adjust Shipping Method Name for suitable Feed attribute in Attribute Mapping Table.

  • Shipping Costs Dependent on - Choose product attribute, whose value will be transformed into shipping cost. 
  •  Manage Shipping Costs intervals - Simply define the dependency attribute intervals and corresponding shipping cost value. Each row contains following columns:
    • Attribute Value From - Minimal attribute value. Beginning of interval.
    • Attribute Value To - Maximal attribute value. End of interval.
    •  Shipping Cost - Shipping cost value for defined value interval.
    • Delete - Button for removal of current row.



Once shipping cost adjustment is finished, navigate to Attribute Mapping Table to adjust Shipping cost and Shipping Method Name for suitable Feed attribute. (Suitable Feed attributes might not be available for all feeds.)