Connector Configuration - M2

Table of Contents

Navigate to Koongo → Configuration to set up module configuration options:

Basic Settings

  • Show Koongo Blog News - New info message displayed. For details see  Koongo News.
  • Allow Placeholder Image Export - Yes by default. If a product does not have an image defined you can allow export of placeholder image instead. If you set this option to No then image attribute is not exported in XML/CSV file at all if product image is not set up. More information about placeholder images in Magento you find here.
  • Allow Hidden Product Image Export - Yes/No. By default, all product images are exported regardless the setup of Hide from Product Page image attribute in product detail. If you choose No only non-hidden images will be exported.
  • Allow Inactive Categories Export - Yes/No. By default Yes, products are exported from all categories.
  • Allow Debug Mode - Yes/No. Default values is No. For details see Debug mode.

Advanced Settings

  • Number of Products Loaded from Db in One Batch - Default value 10 000 is in the most cases appropriate. If you run Magento on low-memory server, then you may need to decrease this value.
  • Include PUB into Media LinksInclude or exclude sub-directory PUB into base media URL. It is utilized for image links and exported feed URL.
    • According to system settings (Recommended) - Media URL is loaded from Magento and directly used for image and feed links.
    • Yes - Use PUB in media links. - Folder PUB is added into image and feed links if it is missing.
    • No - Never use PUB in media links.Folder PUB is removed from image and feed links if it is included.
  • Provide Feed Usage Log - Yes by default. For details see Feed Usage Tracking.
  • Product Image Folder - Default value "catalog/product" is in the most case appropriate. Export process uses the value for an image url construction.
  • Category Lowest Level - The lowest level of exported category. Applied only if multiple categories are exported per product.
  • Regular Expression for Illegal Characters Removal This regular expression will be used for removal of illegal non-ASCII characters from product data during export process. Illegal characters can cause errors during export process.
    • Default value: /[\x00-\x08\x0B\x0C\x0E-\x1F]+/
  • Bundle product export - only required options Fetch only required options during bundle product stock and price calculation.
  • Bundle product export - only default option items - Fetch only default option items during bundle product stock and price calculation.
  • Image attribute source Load image attributes (labels, enabled/disabled, etc. ) from given store view or default values. Option "Store view or Default values" means that if value for store is not defined, then default value is selected.