Category Mapping Rules

Mapping rules allows to map Magento product categories to chosen channel categories.


  • Magento Categories - List of selected magento categories. Id and path is displayed for each category.
  • Channel (e.g. Google) Category - Selected channel category.
  • Edit - Button for adjustment of current mapping rule. See section Mapping Rule Settings below.
  • Duplicate - Button for duplication of current mapping rule.
  • X - Button for removal of current mapping rule.

Mapping Rule Settings

Within each rule you can map multiple Magento categories to single Channel category.

  • Magento Categories - Select one or more Magento categories, which should be mapped to chosen channel (e.g. Google) category.
    • Each selected magento category is automatically added into Search Box. Thus, corresponding channel categories are directly suggested.
  • Channel (e.g. Google) Category - Use the Search Box to find channel category, which is most suitable/similar to selected magento categories.
    • You can select a category from the list of suggestions, if you click on the category name.
    • You can walk through the channel categories, if you click on any category name at displayed category path (in list of suggestions).



Once category mapping adjustment is finished, just check mapping preview for particular products. For more details see Category Mapping Preview.