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Magento cron setup

Koongo Coonector includes the possibility for an automatic feed generation. However, this feature requires a proper setup of a Magento cron.

Magento 2 cron setup

Magento cron setup manual is available section Setting up the Magento cronjob using shell access 

Recommended cron run period is every 1 minute.

Schedule setup

The schedule for automatic generation is Export profile dependent settings. That means, you have to choose dates and times in Export profile. Navigate to Koongo Export profiles and click Schedule button at chosen profile.

Schedule execution is adjusted by rules, which enables to set specific times and time intervals for particular days of week. It is also possible to adjust schedule for whole week with just one rule.

Each rule has following columns:

  • Days Interval - Adjust days of week, when the profile should be executed.
  • Time Interval - Adjust specific time or time period, when the profile should be executed.
  • Enabled - Enable/Disable current rule.
  • Action - Duplicate rule.
  • Delete - Remove rule.

Use Cases

  1. Execute every 15 minutes every day.
    1. Days Interval = Daily
    2. Time Interval = Every 15 minutes
  2. Different setup for work days and weekend
    1. First rule
      1. Days Interval = Every workday
      2. Time Interval = Every 30 minutes
    2. Second rule
      1. Days Interval = Every day on weekend
      2. Time Interval = Every 12 hours

Automatic upload via FTP

After successful automatic execution of Export profile the generated feed file might be also automaticaly uploaded to the FTP account, if you have set up FTP Submission.